Winter to Spring

Winter to Spring is a small collection of paintings and works on paper, created as a visual journal of observances, memories and emotions surrounding transitions in our lives, nature, our urban environment and the seasons.

The works describe an internal landscape of visions and memories where only nature; the wind, the trees, the earth and waters offer solace and comfort from an inevitable end and new beginning. The cycle of birth, life, aging and death reflected in the seasons of the Earth.

Ponderings of the human soul on belonging, isolation, death, hope and rebirth, reflected in the frozen, melting, and growing landscape….our lives in these neighbourhoods, this city and country, perched on the back of this land. 

Winter as a time of stillness, darkness, reflection and rest, and spring as the emergence of new life, fresh growth, vitality, rebirth and change.


River of the Great Spirit, 2021, 12.5 x 40 ", mixed media on paper




Shilouettes and Shadows (diptych), 2021

18 x 21 " each panel, mixed media on paper



Frozen Lake and Rocks, 2021, 9 x 6 ", mixed media on paper




Crying Moon, 2021, mixed media on paper




Black Earth and Snowdrops, 2021, 14 x 22 ", mixed media on paper




 Sleeping Tree, 2021, 11 x 15 ", mixed media on paper




 Kensington Market on a Snowy Day, 2021, 9 x 12 ", mixed media on paper




 Winter Memory of Scarborough, 2021,  7 x 8.5 ", mixed media on paper




 The Ice Patch, 2021, 7 x 8.5 ", mixed media on paper



Great Lake, 2021, 36 x 48 ", acrylic and oil on canvas




By the Shore, 2021, 18 x 36 ", oil on canvas



Icebergs at Greenwood Park, 2021, 8 x 10 ", oil on canvas




The Last Melt, 2020, 22 x 28 ", mixed media on bristol board